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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement


Traffords Ltd (incorporating Trafford Facilities Ltd) does not sell customer information to third parties. We only share your information for the purposes of placing your insurance and as otherwise permitted by law.

The following information outlines the practice we have adopted which should help you understand how we protect the information you give us and the measures we take to safeguard that information.


For the purposes of placing insurance on your behalf we collect personal financial information about yourself and your company as may be required by the insurers we approach. This includes;

(a) Information we receive from you on proposal forms, telephone conversations, permanent and non-permanent media.

(b) Information about your transactions with us (or our producers) or previous insurers (such as your policy coverage, claim information,  premiums and payment history);

(c) Information we receive from various agencies (credit agencies, companies house, etc..). These reports are used to ascertain your credit history, enabling us and the insurers to determine your ability to pay your premiums.

Information We Share

We do not disclose any non public personal financial information about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as permitted by law or as detailed in our current terms of business document known as “Keyfacts about Traffords” that is current at the time we provide your quotation.

For example, we may disclose non public personal financial information about you to market your insurance coverage directly with insurers and providers. We also may disclose all the information we collect, as described above, to companies that perform auditing services on behalf of the insurers or to our associate company.

We have never, do not intend to and do not sell your information.